This Is What Truly Occurs When You Speak To Strangers.

Speaking to folks over the roads isn’t a specific thing we’re in the practice of engaging in, unless of course there is a extremely cute puppy included. It’s Los Angeles, in fact. There is a particular kind of individual who says almost anything to anybody, which is someone you steer clear of. But, we are all about defying the norm, therefore we got two you-tubers to act awkward,and yes, speak to complete strangers.
I’ve seen many youtube videos nowadays which involve this act. Some are real and some are surprisingly fake. Either way this social experiment is definitely something you will enjoy, so check it out!

As a person who also likes to go out in public and socialize, this was overall great and exciting video that I enjoyed the whole way through. The interesting thing is when searching youtube or looking to the right for suggested videos yo will find an extensive amount of videos that will satisfy your needs.


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